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Our Contract

Below is our full contract with you, the vendor. It will also appear on your payment form where we will require you to agree to these terms. Feel free to read it here first and contact us with any questions before beginning the signup process.

2022 Witches’ Ball Information and Contract

Magickal Marketplace Vendors and Psychic Fair Readers The 30th annual Witches’ Ball will be held on Saturday, October 29, 2022 at the Highlands
Masonic Center, 3550 Federal Blvd, Denver 80211.
All registration is online. No exceptions. Fill out the registration form and pay online.
Your registration is not guaranteed and your space is not assigned until we receive this agreement and your payment and you get final approval from us.
No refunds after you are registered.

The producers reserve the right to limit certain types of merchandise and will carefully vet the modalities and practices of psychic readings.

Online Advertising for Your Business is Available You may purchase a Banner Ad at Anyone may purchase prominent banner advertising space on the Vendor Event Page

Your Vendor Space at the Ball
• The Magickal Marketplace is mostly in the Basement of the Masonic Temple, with additional vendor spaces available on the second floor. You may unload at the back (east) door loading dock or the south door ramp, then bring your merchandise downstairs or upstairs. There is an elevator at the south entrance. It’s old and slow, but it works.

• The psychics are in the South Lodge Room on the second floor. It will be easiest for the psychics to load and unload at the south door.

• Vendor space will be assigned on a first come, first served basis, as registrations are received. Please indicate any mobility impairment or similar disability so that we can position you close to a door.

• The cost to vend or read is $95 per table space, based on an 8ft banquet table space for vendors, or space for a card table and 3 chairs for the psychics. Double booths are $190. A limited number of smaller 6’ booths are available for $75 in the Magickal Marketplace (not the Psychic Fair).

• As space is limited, build your display up, not out. Get creative! Merchants may use tables, shelves and/or clothing racks totaling 8ft instead. Do not tape or affix anything to the walls. Free-standing backdrops for the vendors OK.

• If your merchandise or display does not fit on your table, or take up a similar-sized replacement space, you will be required to remove it.

• Vendor spaces include admission for up to 2 people to vend (including yourself) for each space. If there are 3 or more people total per space then you must purchase additional admission tickets and chairs

• Psychics do not require sales personnel. Anyone you bring needs to pay admission.

Setup, Sales, and Breakdown Times
• Your vending or reading hours are from 6:00 PM to 11:30 PM.
• Vendor setup is from 3:30 PM to 6:00 PM. All setup must be completed by 6:00 PM. Psychics do not need to arrive before 5:00 PM, or even a little later.
• Breakdown from 11:30 PM to 1:00 AM
• Please keep noise down after midnight (during the midnight ritual).
• We appreciate you packing up as quickly as possible at the end of the evening. We must be completely out by 1:30 AM. If you are planning to attend the midnight ritual, pack up as much as you can beforehand, as we cannot guarantee the safety of your unattended products.
• If all merchandise and personal possessions are not out of the building by 1:30 AM you will be charged an extra $50 per hour, to help offset extra staffing expense. If necessary, you may finish packing your vehicle in the back parking lot after the doors are locked.

Parking and Loading/Unloading
You may park in the back (north) end of the parking lot behind the Temple and load and unload through the back or south doors. Please carpool, if possible. Do not block the back loading dock as other vendors, staff and kitchen will need to use it. This back entrance will not be used by the general public, only by merchants and staff. Please do not have anyone use the back door unless  they have first been through registration at the front door and received their wristband.

Checking In When You Arrive
Please check in at the Info Booth near the south door when you first arrive. Here you will be checked off the Merchant and Psychic list and given your wristband. Please wait in line at the Info Table, south door, elevator or loading dock so that set up may proceed in an orderly fashion. Your wristband will get you in and out of the Ball all night. Please flash it at the doorkeeper each time you arrive.

Please help us promote the Witches’ Ball so that YOU have maximum traffic by your booth! We have thousands of promo postcards which we are asking all our vendors and volunteers to help distribute to their contacts, customers, and membership groups. Please send info to your email lists and post online to Facebook, Twitter, etc. Co-op advertising is a win/win strategy!
Email us at and let us know the Number of Witches’ Ball postcards you can distribute.


By completing this contract I understand that The Witches’ Ball will go on, rain or shine, unless there is a blizzard that closes down Denver on that date (determined by the closing of Denver International Airport,
or by the issuing of a weather emergency warning), or similar natural disaster. I understand that I (or my designated representative or employee) will be entirely responsible for transporting any merchandise or equipment from our vehicle(s) to our space at the beginning of the setup period and back again at the end of the evening. I understand that the action of transporting merchandise or equipment may hold an inherent risk of injury. I shall hold Covenant of the River, the Denver Witches’ Ball and its agents and volunteers free \from any blame or penalty if any of us are injured while performing these tasks. I similarly understand that the actions of setting up our space, selling to the public, communicating to the public, breaking down our display, and any other actions associated with the performance of our duties at the Denver Witches’ Ball, may hold inherent risks of injury. I hold Covenant of the River, The Denver Witches’ Ball and its agents free from blame or penalty for any injury suffered in our performance I will be solely responsible for totaling and disbursing any sales taxes due to the proper City of Denver and State of Colorado collecting authorities.

I understand that Covenant of the River, The Denver Witches’ Ball and its agents cannot be held responsible for theft or damage occurring on or off the grounds of the Highlands Masonic Center.
I understand that the site of the Denver Witches’ Ball — the building and grounds — are owned and maintained by the Highlands Masonic Temple Association and not by Covenant of the River or The Denver Witches’ Ball who have rented the facility in good faith of its safety and repair. If I suffer any injury caused by oversight or negligence of safety, or negligence of the maintenance or
repair of this facility, I will hold Covenant of the River, The Denver Witches’ Ball and its agents free from blame and penalty.



Vendor and reader Contract
By checking this box you are stating you have read and agree with the vendor terms and conditions

Once you have completed and submitting contract use the link below to purchase your space.  These are non-refundable and only for approved readers and vendors.  Readers need to have had their pre-screening reading before purchasing their space.

2022 Vendors at The Denver Witches Ball