Psychic Fair

Our psychic readers will have their own special space in the mystical south Lodge Room on the second floor of the Temple, offering their services for your enlightenment and entertainment. Here are last year’s psychics and readers! Stay tuned for information on our 2022 line-up.

jackiereading2019 Psychic ReadersĀ 

A Shanti Ki

Atavistic Avatar – Psychic Counseling/Karmic Readings with Astrology/Gagliardo Tarrochi

DiviNation – Tarot Readings

Eye of the Wise – Tarot Readings

Guided Dreaming with Reagan – Helping people find guidance and purpose through the power of their dreams using trance states

Magdalena Tarot

The Moon WeaversClairaudio Readings

Soul Balancing –Intuitive Palm Readings

Tarot and Horary and Natal Astrology