Volunteer at the Denver Witches Ball!

If you have the energy and commitment, and have been to at least one Denver Witches’ Ball in the last four years, we’d love to invite you to volunteer with us on October 26! We give a free ticket for everyone who works about 3 1/2 hours, so if you want to save some money, this is our way of thanking you for your active support! Everything from ticket taking to watching the doors to the information booth and more. Look at the jobs available below, pick a job and a time, and sign up.

Current Sign-up Sheets

No sheets available at this time.


Volunteer Job Descriptions

MC, Witches’ Ball October 24, 2020 (This is covered!)

General: Announce the upcoming events from the schedule, introduce bands and performers, manage lighting in the ballroom, make other announcements as needed, coordinate with teen costume contest & prizes with costume person.

1) 5:00 – soundcheck

2) 7:00 – Welcome everyone to the Ball. Mention Magickal Marketplace and Psychic Fair. Introduce first band, Blessings

3) 7:30 Blessings, Introduce second band. Mention Magickal Marketplace and Psychic Fair

8:30 Chris start Drumming in room, blessings. Mention Magickal Marketplace and Psychic Fair

3) 8:45 – Emcee the costume contest: Blessings, Mention Magickal Marketplace and Psychic Fair helps you
Floater will help organize costume contest and prizes
– Volunteer Judges:
________________________ _________________________

ask audience for volunteer judges at 8:45pm, indicate judges cannot participate in the contest

– 9:00 categories for winners:
Kids’s costumes, Best Costume of the Ball, Scariest Costume, Best Couple, Sexiest Costume, Best Witch, and Funniest Costume
– Pre-select contestants from the lineup
– quickie interview with each participant: name, what they are dressed as, make a complimentary remark, Blessing
– have fun!
– Get prizes from Info Booth. After judges have decided on winners, announce them and hand out prizes.
10:00 – 11:25 Blessings, Intro Band, Mention Magickal Marketplace and Psychic Fair
11:50 Blessings, tell people to leave and not to hang around entrance doors unless they are handicapped
When your shift is over, please return your name tag to the info booth and sign out..

Information Table Volunteer Job Description

1) Your job is to welcome guests and vendors, answer questions, and help solve problems as they arise. You are also eyes and ears for security and safety. You’ll be in touch with Karen and Chris, the police and Rich, the Temple caretaker. You’ll be briefed in advance on chain of command & policies. (Art is the Box Office Manager with Sarah. Karen Cruz is the Marketplace Manager. Jackie is the High Priestess of the Midnight Ritual.)

2) You’ll be Karen’s assistant. She will be stationed at the Info Booth when she’s not solving problems in other areas of the Temple. You will take notes for her of things she needs to attend to, questions you can’t answer, etc. You both will coordinate with the Floating Volunteer.

3) Your overall attitude is one of customer service, willingness to do what it takes to make our guests feel comfortable and enjoy their evening, and encouraging people to meet each other and have fun.

4) If you don’t know the answer to a question or what should be done: A) see the list below B) ask Karen/Chris or C) act in good faith, do what seems reasonable, document what happened on paper, and when the wave of event chaos is over we’ll get it sorted out.

Periodically check the Volunteer Book to see if all upcoming shifts are covered. If there is a no-show, please notify Chris or Karen, who will prioritize the most important job for the Floating Volunteer to fill.
Also, you may need to check in volunteers who did not arrive early.

• Ask volunteers to double-check their shift as shown on the chart in the Volunteer Sign-In Book so they know when and where to show up
• They should sign in whenever they arrive, do not need to wait until their shift
• After 6pm, they should already have their ticket and wristband.
• Give them the paper with their name on it (The info sheet with their job description).
• They should put on their name tag when their shift starts.

• They should just sign their name in the Sign-Out column when the job is done
• If they have an armband for security, or any other borrowed equipment, they should return it.

When your shift is over, please return your name tag to the Information Booth. After the Ball, we’ll email you a survey about your experience and any suggestions you may have for us.

Notes For Info Booth Volunteers:

Restrooms – Women’s restrooms are the north side of the first and second floor hallways. Men’s restrooms are on the south side of the first and second floor hallways. The handicapped-accessible restroom is in the Green Room south of the kitchen. If someone is available, they should escort the handicapped person there. Knock first on the door of the Green Room,as someone may be changing in there.

Lost and Found – use box under the Information Table. Use notepad in the box to take names/email/phone of those looking for a lost item.

First Aid Kit – Place the kit within reach. Self-serve only… we cannot give meds/supplies or provide medical advice.

Off-limits to the General Public – behind the Box Office, behind the Info Table, Chrios/Karen’s office, on the stage, ritualist prep area, the third floor of the Masonic Temple, the kitchen and the Green Room (performer’s space).

Lost Children – bring to Information Table. Contact MC (Chris) re: announcement and have floating volunteer (see volunteer book) announce in each activity area.

Theft – Adult: summon paid security staff (police). Child: summon their parents.

Drunks or Drugs – summon paid security staff, eject them or arrest them as warranted. Call a cab for drunks when needed (303-333-3333).

Contacting Our Paid Security – when circumstances are dangerous or illegal, in case of medical emergency

Gate Crashers – explain this is a private event and ask them to leave. Unsupervised kids – go with them to their parents. Ask parents to supervise their children. If non-compliant, boot them out.

Outside food or drink – Give those with bottles, botas or hip flasks the choice to check them in at the Info Table or to leave. When they reclaim them, cut off their wrist band. If they chose to leave, cut off their wristband. If they are underage, summon police.

Trouble-makers will be ejected without refund of their ticket fee. Cut off their wristband.

Decorations Coordinator Witches’ Ball

1) This is 1:00-4:00PM.

2) The set-up crew will move the equipment to various places in the Temple. Help sort through the boxes and figure out what goes where. The decorations will primarily be moved to the ballroom. A few items — the decorated screens, the cornucopias filled with dried flower/leaf arrangements, the large tablecloth and one of the smaller tablecloths — will be moved to the front door foyer where the Box Office will be.

3) Decorate box office tables (and tables in ballroom) with tablecloths, cornucopias and welcome-to-the-WB screens at front door.

4) Place lighted pumpkins in window wells in ballroom. Plug into electrical outlets.

5) Refurbish dried arrangements in black cauldrons and arrange on dining tables in ballroom. While you are refreshing and rearranging, make a list of floral pics, autumn leaves, dried wheat stalks, etc that Jackie may need to purchase for next year’s Ball.

4) Borrow high ladder and mount broom floral arrangements over lintels.

5) Make a list of other decorating stuff that is there that we might use in future years.

6) Assist with other set-up work if finished early. In particular, getting signage up and making any last-minute posters to go on easels as needed.

7) When your shift is over, please sign out at the Information Booth. After the Ball, we’ll email you a survey about your experience and any suggestions you may have for us.

Signage: Arrive at 1:00 pm. Place signs and easels everywhere, locations on back of signs. List where signs are placed. Signage needs to change at 8:25 pm for Kids’ Room to Primal Roots Drumming sign
Check that trash cans, recycling cans in place. There may be other setup work needed, which Chris and Karen can direct you to.

At the end of your shift, please sign out at Info Booth.

Back Door Courtesy Volunteer Job Description
Witches’ Ball

The back door courtesy/security volunteer makes sure that no one enters who is not supposed to be there and answers questions.

Mostly staff, volunteers, performers, merchants, psychics or kitchen crew will be showing up before the Ball begins. Merchants can park in the back part of the parking lot. If possible, volunteers should park in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Let them know they can buy tickets for cash at the Info Table if a merchant brings an extra person not on the list.

Direct anyone without a wristband around the side of the building to the south door to the Info table.

The space around the loading dock should be left clear and accessible after a merchant unloads so that it can be used by the next person who needs it. They can unload onto the loading dock, move their car, then move their merchandise downstairs (or food or sound equipment upstairs).


Make sure there is a container for cigarettes. Please, no butts on the ground. No smoking immediately by the back door. There is a more comfortable smoking area with seating by the south door.

If you see anything suspicious, find one of the Security Guards. They are off-duty police officers. Marijuana use is not allowed anywhere on the Masonic property. If someone is using marijuana or drinking in the parking lot, you must ask them to stop. If they continue, ask them to leave. If they refuse to leave, tell the security people who will arrest them for trespassing.

If you need to, shut the door to prevent unauthorized people from entering. It will automatically lock when it is shut and can be opened again from the inside.

The Information Table is also a good place to direct people if they have questions you cannot answer. The first aid kit and the Lost and Found are there as well. It is in the hallway by the south door.

ONLY the following people with wristbands can use the back door: Volunteers, staff, merchants, psychics, kitchen staff and performers. If someone wants to use the door and doesn’t have a wristband, he or she should FIRST go to the main entrance and get their wristband and THEN they may use the back door.

The general public should use the front door/main entrance at all times after 6:00PM.


When your shift is over, please sign out at the Information Booth. After the Ball, we’ll email you a survey about your experience and any suggestions you may have for us. Thank you!

Witches’ Ball Lodge Room Door 

This will probably be covered by the Floater and by Facilities Volunteers!

1) The north Lodge Room door security volunteer makes sure that the foot traffic flows smoothly in and out of the drum room, that no one brings in any food or drink except water and that no inappropriate behavior goes on.
2) When you first arrive for your shift, check in with Karen at the Information Table, which is in the front door foyer by the Box Office.
3) The Lodge room door shift is scheduled from 8:30 to 11PM, as the drumming does not really get going until later in the evening. The drumming will end at 11:30PM.
4) You may hang out inside or outside the Lodge room door. You may pull up a chair and sit, or you may stand. You may leave to use the restroom or get water as long as you generally keep an eye on how things go.
5) People like to congregate at the door and watch the dancing. That blocks the doorway. Tell folks that there is plenty of seating inside the room, that they are welcome to go in and watch, but that they may not stand in/block the doorway.
6) The Lodge rooms are where the Masons perform their ritual; it is their Sacred Space. Therefore, no food or drink is allowed in the rooms except water. At 9PM we may have a volunteer selling bottled water at a table in the lobby outside the drum room.
7) If there is any inappropriate behavior (destructive behavior, fighting, overt sexual behavior, drinking illegal alcohol from botas or hip flasks) ask the perpetrator(s) to stop. Marijauna is not allowed on the premises by the Masons. If bad behavior does not stop, notify Chris, the cops or the Info Booth. Leave a message if he is not there.
Normally, however, we have a very good-natured crowd and nothing negative goes on.
8) If you need to summon help (property damage, illegal or out-of-control behavior, medical emergency), go to the Information Table at the front door. They will provide assistance, or summon help.
9) The Information Table is also a good place to direct people if they have questions you cannot answer. The first aid kit, emergency assistance and the Lost and Found are there as well.
10) There is water and soda for the volunteers and staff in the volunteer room just to the right of the bottom of the stairs in the basement.
11) Please add your ideas for improvements to the back of this form.
12) Sign out when you finish your shift.
Thank you!

Will Call Table Volunteer 5:00-8:45 pm

Greeter directs Ball attendees who already have their paper tickets, e-tickets or who are on the Door List to the Will Call Table.
Will Call people can still sell food tickets.
If they have a paper ticket, give them a wristband or hand stamp (if under 21) and program.
If not, find them on Door List and highlight names witah marker, give wristband/stamp and program.
Encourage people to visit Magickal Marketplace 1 ½ stories down from entrance, and Psychic Fair one floor up on right. Mention Kids’ room 6:30-8:25 and Primal Roots Drum Frenzy 8:30 – 11:00. Ask if they want food/drink tickets!
Give Volunteers their wristband/program, then send them to Info Table by the Ballroom.
Large Groups of people may be under one name like John Smith (4). Just write new number of people remaining after each person comes in.
Can’t find guests on list? Ask if someone else bought tix for them. Look for last/first name reversed. No list and no receipt? Ask Karen Mohr at info table and see if she remembers their names, otherwise they have to buy tickets.
If ticket stub is torn, they MUST have wristband/hand stamp to come back in. Tough Questions refer to Info Booth. Lost and Found/ First Aid / Security at Info Booth. Four cops are there for security.
At the end of your shift, please take your supplies to the Box Office table. Return to Information Booth to sign out.

Front Door Greeter Job Description

Be friendly and entertaining as you greet Witches’ Ball attendees into one of two lines at the front door. Tell them about food/drink tickets (12 for $10), the Magickal Marketplace downstairs, the incredible Psychic Fair people, etc. Will Call line on left, Ticket Purchases on right.
Ticket sales begin at 5:30 pm; people can go in to buy tix then go outside to get in line with wristbands or hand stamps on. Doors open at 6:00 pm.
Check our website so you know about the bands, the drumming, the kids’ activities (kid entertainment outside from 5:30 to 6:20 pm), Psychic Fair, etc.
Volunteers, Vendors, Entertainers go to Will Call line on left.
Families with Kids: After 6:30, invite them to front of line to go to Kids’ activities, explaining to others that Kids’ stuff happening now and ending soon.
People can use restrooms before buying tickets but warn them that they’ll be sent away from the Ball if they don’t have a wristband!
Ticket Takers may have you ask people in line if they have exact change (but we don’t plan to run out!)
SMOKERS must smoke 25 feet away from door.
Wristband or hand stamp for kids REQUIRED for re-entry.
Questions? Ask Karen at Info booth.
Most of your job is to be welcoming, friendly? “Is this your first time at the Ball?” “Great costume, did you make it? Be sure to enter the Costume Contest at 9:00 pm!” “We have some great bands this year!…” “I was down in the Magickal Marketplace and it’s wonderful down there! SO many tempting things…”
When your shift is over, please check out at the Information Booth.

Facilities Volunteer Job Description

Your job is to keep the facility stocked and clean. Check with beverage people, icing of beverages.

Bands will switch at 7:30, 9:45 and shutdown at 11:25. Be there to help them organize out their stuff. Show new bands Green Room. Take directions from bands.
Keep tables in ballroom cleared off and clean. We’ll have paper towels for this. Pik up trash from floor and tables.
TP replacement should be done by Rick, the Temple’s housekeeper, but track him down if this is not happening. Find out where TP is stocked.
At 11:00 pm, when beverage sales close, help move supplies out back door to trailer. Melted ice gets dumped into kitchen sink. At 11:30, do a quick wipe-down of tables in ballroom as setup crew for Ritual enters. Strike tables or push into corners of room.
Please sign out at Information Booth. We’ll have sign-in and sign-out sheets there.

Breakdown Volunteer Job Description 2015

At 11:00: help knock down beverage booth.
At 11:30: move tables and chairs from ballroom to storage closet area. Leave 12 chairs out. Move out decorations. Help Sensory Orchestra members move band equipment out? Supplies and beverages (including beer kegs) go into trailer in back.
At Midnight, BE QUIET! post signs on hallway walls saying Quiet: Ritual in Progress. Post South door sign.
Help vendors with breakdown, especially handicapped people (by entrance door downstairs). As booths vacate, move tables against the walls.
Pick up decorations everywhere are stash into boxes for trailer in back. Pick up trash, lost and found, clear out Information booth and ticket tables. Return your name tags and sign out at Info table.
Sweep and mop ballroom, vacuum rugs.
Walk outside and pick up trash, remove (except DO NOT ENTER SIGNS, which go down last). Back door only unlockled; other doors should be locked (Ask Rick about this). Signs go in boxes by Info Booth.
Take trash to dumpster.
Help Chris and Karen unload at their home (2 am?)
ANOTHER BREAKDOWN PERSON stationed at back door after midnight for a vendor exiting and keeping others out.

Floater Volunteer

Available for general help if another volunteer doesn’t show up.
Visit North Lodge Room periodically. From 6:30-8:25 pm, it’s the Children’s Room; from 8:30 – 11:00, Primal Roots Trance Drumming. Be sure signage is appropriate for both times. No one can bring in food, water only – north AND south Lodge Rooms (Psychic Room).
People tend to congregate around the door, so encourage them to have a seat inside.
Inappropriate behavior (over sexual activity, threats, bullying, violence, alcohol/marijuana in these rooms), tell them to stop. If they don’t, tell them the police are on their way and go get them. This has NOT happened in many years!
Information Table for questions you can’t answer, First Aid, Lost and Found
Water and soda in volunteer room in basement.
Sign out at Info Table at end of your shift.