Midnight Ritual

Midnight Ritual: Come back next summer for info on our 2021 Midnight Ritual!

This year, the ritual once again moves from the Ballroom to the North Lodge Room on the 2nd Floor. This quiet, sacred and more intimate space will lend itself beautifully to the ritual, and will allow revelers not attending the ritual to continue enjoying the festivities downstairs until midnight. An elevator to the 2nd floor and plenty of seating will be available for those with mobility challenges.

Ritual Guidelines

If you are coming only for the ritual, arrive after 11:30PM for free admission.
We will direct you to the main entrance foyer (off Federal Boulevard) and then upstairs to the North Lodge Room to wait for the ritual to begin.

Please do not come to the ritual intoxicated. You would not come drunk or stoned to church, would you?

After everyone has entered the ritual room, the doors to the Masonic Event Center will be locked. No one will be admitted after the ritual has begun.

Last year’s 2019 Ritual Theme

This year, the midnight ritual will be led by Sára Rain and a motley band of Pagan sistren, brethren and otheren from along the Front Range. In this season, when the veil between the worlds is thin, we look for messages, guidance and insight from unseen realms. Divination through many forms helps us recognize the deep wisdom available to us. Join the circle of friends and seekers. Let’s divine the Divine!

Sara Rain: Water to Wine!

Come for the Celebration and stay for the Ritual!