Trance Drumming

Primal Roots Ecstatic Trance Drumming! 8:15 – 11:15 pm

drum rose panofskyEcstatic drumming and dancing all evening! A spirit of community and true spiritual trance drumming, and a whole lot of fun! It all starts at 8:15 pm. Go back to your Primal Roots! If you have a hand-held drum or other non-amplified percussion instrument, if you can keep a beat and play well with others, then you are welcome to join in.

Bring Your Drum!

And everyone is welcome to dance! If you aren’t great at drumming, just dance the rhythms into your bones!

The improvisational trance drumming is held in the North Lodge Room on the 2nd floor of the Masonic Temple, starting at 8:15 PM.

Our drum room has lots of seating for spectators and listeners, but do come into the room. Please don’t stand in the doorway and watch, because that blocks the doorway. Just take a small risk and step into the room. You may find yourself transported from there to another plane of consciousness — the Group Mind of the drummers and dancers.

Jam Key Jam played at 7:00 in the Ballroom last year!

Before you start drumming yourself at 8:15 pm, watch world class Nepalese tabla master Nabin Shrestha at 7:00 pm! Enjoy an hour of Jam Key Jam before the Primal Roots Drum Frenzy begins upstairs!