Costume Contests

Costume Contest: 9:00 PM, Main Stage in the Ballroom

wb14 mary rose ButterflyEnter the Teen/Adult Costume Contest

Just join the line of people near the stage at 8:45 PM. Our emcee will select the initial entrants. When he asks you, give him your name and what your costume represents so that he can announce you to the audience.

And of course, come in a spectacular costume!


Grand Prize for Best Costume

Scariest Costume Prize

wb14 mary rose NerdsBest Couple or Small Group Costume Prize

Funniest Costume Prize

Sexiest Costume Prize

Special Kidz Costume Contest with small prizes for all kidz!


Guest Judges will be selected on a volunteer basis. If you’d like to be a judge and are age 13+, send an email to through our contact page with your information, why you think you’d be a good judge, and whether you’d like to judge the Children’s, Main, or both contests.