Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the Witches’ Ball


Tickets Available starting in September online for $25 or at the Door $30

1 Do I have to wear a costume?
2 Do I have to be Pagan or Wiccan to attend the Witches’ Ball?
3 Is the Witches’ Ball suitable for children?
4 What if I just want to come to the midnight ritual?
5 Is there an expected standard of behavior at the Witches’ Ball?
6 Can I take photographs at the Witches’ Ball?
7 What about parking?
8 Is the Witches’ Ball wheelchair accessible?
9 Where can I buy tickets?
10 Do I have to purchase my tickets in advance?
11 What if I need help, have a question, have lost an item, need a first aid kit, etc?
12 Can I smoke cigarettes at the Witches’ Ball?
13 Can I go out and come back in again?
14 What if I’d like to be a vendor or reader at the Witches’ Ball?

wb14 mary rose spellDo I have to wear a costume?

Answer: No, it’s optional, but over half the attendees do. Feel welcome to wear a costume, party clothes or jeans — whatever would make you comfortable.

Do I have to be Pagan or Wiccan to attend the Witches’ Ball?

Answer: No, it’s open to the public. Some folks come just because it’s the best Halloween party in town! If you would be comfortable with an eclectic mix of friendly folk of all ages and genders, some of whom who practice nontraditional religions or beliefs, then you’re welcome to join us.

Is the Witches’ Ball suitable for children?

Answer: Generally, yes. In the Pagan community the Ball is considered a family event and many bring the whole family. My only caution might be that one or more of the adult costumes may occasionally be just a bit risque’. If you would not be comfortable with your children seeing that, then it’s probably best they not come. Please do not leave your child or teenager unsupervised at the Witches’ Ball.

2014_10_25_234815_0What if I just want to come to the midnight ritual?

Answer: That is fine. Arrive between 11:30 and midnight for free admission.  Once in the building, please congregate in the main entrance foyer (off Federal Boulevard) while ritual set-up is being finished upstairs. Please do not congregate near the ritual room upstairs. An exception to this are those who are wheelchair-enabled, who may wait in the main hallway.

There will be a band playing until around 11:50 pm in the Ballroom, then everyone will be escorted upstairs to the Ritual.
After all worshipers have entered the ritual hall, all exterior doors of the Masonic Center will be locked and there will be no further new admittance to the facility. No one will be admitted late to the ritual.
2014_10_25_225833_3Anyone who is obviously intoxicated will not be allowed in to the ritual. You would not come inebriated to a church service; thus, do not come inebriated to the Samhain ritual.
People not attending the ritual will not be allowed to wait unsupervised in the Masonic Temple. Either wait in your car, make arrangements to meet at the Denny’s restaurant south of the Masonic Center at Federal and Colfax, come back to pick up members of your party after 1AM, or volunteer to be part of the supervised break down crew.​

Is there an expected standard of behavior at the Witches’ Ball?

Answer: The vast majority of Witches’ Ball participants (up to 800 of us each year!) consider this a spiritual community event and have a great deal of fun in a responsible, loving and positive way, but a few immature souls (just a couple handfuls over the last 20 years) sometimes act less honorably. Therefore, see the Expected Standard of Behavior below.

2014_10_25_232645_2Expected Standard of Behavior

Overt or crude sexual behavior is not appropriate. Flirting, kissing and hugging are encouraged! Those behaving inappropriately will be asked to leave.

No underage drinking, no drugs. Those arriving obviously drunk or high may be refused admittance or asked to leave. Our professional bartenders will refuse to serve those who appear intoxicated. Anyone bringing in outside food or drink will be asked to take them outside or to leave. Hip flasks, bottles or botas will be confiscated. Off-duty police officers will be acting as security and will arrest anyone caught engaging in illegal activities.

No marijuana; it is against the policy of the Masonic Lodge and you will be required to leave with no refunds if you use marijuana anywhere on the premises.

No firearms or unsheathed knives or swords.

No fighting. If this occurs, you will be asked to leave with no refund.

chris karen sunglasses smallPick up after yourself, depositing trash or recycling in the appropriate containers. Before you leave, please check to see if you’ve left anything behind.

Vandalism or shoplifting will be prosecuted.

Your admission will not be refunded if you are asked to leave because of irresponsible behavior.

Please find a police person,  Security professional or a Security volunteer if you need assistance or run into problems. Feel free to tell people who are misbehaving to stop, and call for backup from Security personnel. Please notify an off-duty police officer about illegal behavior or medical emergency, as they are trained in CPR and other life-saving skills. Key personnel, including Security, will be connected by cell phone. The Information Table in the main entrance foyer will be the communications hub.

Please bring a current picture ID if you wish to purchase alcohol at the Ball. As usual, no outside food or drink is allowed at the Witches’ Ball.

2014_10_25_231031_3Can I take photographs at the Witches’ Ball?

Answer: Yes, but please ask permission first, and respect those who decline. Some Pagans or Wiccans are not “out of the broom closet” and prefer their anonymity.

What about parking?

Answer: We have a limited number of spots in the Temple parking lot and on surrounding streets. Save the environment — and your feet — and car pool! As we have had one incident of vehicle theft (from across the street) and one smashed window/radio theft over the last twenty-two years, we caution folks to leave valuables at home, or lock them in the trunk, out of sight. Remove radios, CD players, cell phones, etc.

We will have Security patrol the parking lot, as in years past, but we cannot be everywhere at once. So please help each other by reporting any suspicious activity to Security.

Is the Witches’ Ball wheelchair accessible?

Answer: Yes. There are handicap parking spaces and a ramp at the south entrance. Please let us know if you need to come in that door and someone from the Box Office will meet you at the south entrance. Additionally, there is a wheelchair accessible restroom next to the kitchen and an elevator to the different floors of the Masonic Center.
Where can I buy tickets?

Answer: E-tickets are available for purchase on this website with credit/debit card beginning August 1st and ending the night before the Ball. E-tickets are not refundable but are transferable (you can sell or gift your ticket to someone else). Contact us at tickets@denverwitchesball.com before October 24th if you wish to transfer your e-ticket to someone else. E-tickets cost $25. per adult, and $5. per child.

Advance store ticket sales are available at Herbs and Arts and Isis beginning September 15th. CASH ONLY sales at the stores, please, while supplies last. They cost $25. per adult and $5. per child 12 and under. Tickets bought at the metaphysical stores are nonrefundable, but are transferable. If you can’t make it to the Witches’ Ball, just give or sell your ticket to someone else.

Tickets are also for sale at the door on the night of the Ball for $30. per adult and $5. per child. We will accept cash and credit/debit card charges at the door.

2014_10_25_213649_3Do I have to purchase my tickets in advance?

Answer: No. you may purchase your tickets at the door. Purchasing tickets in advance speeds up entrance via the shorter line — the line for the Will Call table. As well, it saves you $5. per adult ticket.

What if I need help, have a question, have lost an item, need a first aid kit, etc?

Answer: Go to the Information Table in the front entrance foyer beyond the Box Office and the person there will help you. That’s also where the first aid kit and lost-and-found will be. Out on the floor, roving off-duty Denver police officers will be in uniform and Security volunteers will be wearing armbands that say “Security”.

Can I smoke cigarettes at the Witches’ Ball?

Answer: Not inside the building. There is an outside smoking area outside the south door.

Can I go out and come back in again?

Answer: Yes, you will get your wrist band when you first go through the entrance door and that will let you in and out again all evening. Please show your wrist band to the security staff at the door when you come back in.

What if I’d like to be a vendor or reader at the Witches’ Ball?

Answer: Available space will be offered to past merchants and psychics first. Please check the VENDOR INFO page for availability and registration on remaining spaces.

Chris, Karen and Jackie screen each psychic before they can work the Witches’ Ball for accuracy, insight, fluency and ethics.