Last October 2018’s schedule  

6:00 Doors open

6:00-7:00 Witches from Stage and Screen Videos (Ballroom) 

6:00-11:30 Witches’ Feast Dinner, Snacks & Dessert (Ballroom)

6:00-11:45 pm Witches’ Brew Bar with Beer, Wine, Cider, and Soft Drinks (Ballroom)

6:00-11:00 Magickal Marketplace, with Flying Monkey Treasure Hunt (win prizes!)  (Lower Level and 2nd Floor)

6:00-11:00 Psychic Fair (South Lodge Room, 2nd Floor)

7:00 Dance to Westword Best Electronica Winner Mirror Fears (experimental/electronica/trance dance music) (Ballroom)

8:00 — Author Cara Mentzel, author of Voice Lessons, reads and signs her book about about being the sister of Idina Menzel, who created the role of Elphaba in Wicked (Ballroom)

8:20- Mirror Fears returns (Ballroom)

8:30 Primal Roots Drumming and Dancing (North Lodge Room, 2nd Floor)

8:45 The Wizard of Oz/The Wiz/Wicked/TV show Trivia Quiz entries must be submitted by this time

9:00 The Wizard of Oz/The Wiz/Wicked/TV show Trivia Quiz (Ballroom)

9:20 Costume Contest Costume (Ballroom)

9:55 Flying Monkey Treasure Hunt prizes; Screening of Flying Monkey scene from The Wizard of Oz (Ballroom)

10:00 pm-11:45 pm Dance to Cernunnos’ Reverie, trance band (Ballroom)

Midnight Witches’ Ball Ends (doors close except for those attending Ritual)

Midnight-1:00 am Samhain Ritual with Hesperides Garden (2nd Floor North Lodge Room)

Ritual is free if you arrive at 11:30-11:45 pm; included as part of the Witches’ Ball if you are already there!