Midnight Ritual

Midnight Ritual:

We’re excited to welcome back Wellyssa, Priestess of the Circle of Light and Shadow, who has led the powerful and moving Denver Witches’ Ball Samhain ritual in the past. We’ll be announcing this year’s ritual theme soon. Children and adults who can participate in a mature manner are warmly invited.

Bring your dancing shoes and vocal cords! This ritual will include ALL of us!

Seating will be available for those with mobility challenges.

Ritual Guidelines

If you are coming only for the ritual, arrive after 11:30PM for free admission.
We will direct you to the main entrance foyer (off Federal Boulevard) to wait for the ritual to begin.
There will be a performance in the foyer between 11:30 and midnight for your entertainment, then you will be guided down to the main ballroom for the ritual.
Please do not congregate in the hallway outside the ballroom, as it can fill up, become impassable, and become a potential safety hazard. An exception to this are those who are wheelchair-enabled, who may wait in the main hallway.
Those not attending the ritual will not be allowed to wait unsupervised in the building. You may either join the breakdown crew cleaning up, wait in your car, come back to pick up members of your party after 1AM, or wait in the Denny’s restaurant south of the Masonic Center at Colfax and Federal.
Please do not come to the ritual intoxicated. You would not come drunk or stoned to church, would you?
After everyone has entered the ritual room, the doors to the Masonic Temple will be locked. No one will be admitted after the ritual has begun.